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    Comprising of a skincare range that are inspired by Japan’s natural resources of botanical herbs, Wahadabisen was born of the belief that natural beauty can be achieved by using truly natural ingredients.
    Wahadabisen has three different ranges of product to meet different skin types and concerns – the Japanese Herbal Face Pack, Gokujo Fermented Rice Skincare, Gokujo Fermented Sake Yogurt Skincare and Gokujo Fermented Miso Skincare. Each range is referred to by its key ingredient so that consumer will know exactly what they are buying into and what it does for their skin.
    YOMOGI for healing and rejuvenating.
    AMAZAKE for skin brightening, and luminosity.
    HATOMUGI for skin moisturizing and firming.
    Fermented Rice - prevention roughness of skin while keeping skin hydrated and minimizing the appearance of pores.
    Fermented Sake Yogurt - reduce the appearance of enlarged pores for clear and refined skin.
    9 products
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