Our Guarantee


We only stock authentic items made by real Japanese brands, so we can assure you the item you receive is the real deal. We have a secondhand dealer license and legally offer antiques and made-in-Japan vintage items in our store.

In order to control the product traceability, we make sure that all the inbound process remains in-house. This means that all of our items are directly purchased from Japanese manufacturers or distributors, then manually inspected and finally shipped worldwide from our warehouse in Hyogo Prefecture.

During the inbound process no other 3rd parties are involved nor we acquire products distributed through unknown operators.


We make sure that all transactions go smoothly, but if there’s a problem with a purchase, our customers are covered by the OmiyageFromJAPAN Money Back Guarantee.

Our Money Back Guarantee ensures that you receive the item or get the money back.

You can use Omiyage From JAPAN’s Money Back Guarantee only when:

  • Don’t receive an item
  • Receive an item that doesn’t match the listing description
If you choose a shipping method without a tracking number, we are not responsible for any parcel loss or damage. 
All orders are securely packed and sent out promptly.
OmiyageFromJAPAN is not responsible for melted chocolate and candy that can occur during delays in the delivery and during the peak of the warmer months.


➜ When a customer doesn't receive an item

In case of a non-received item the first thing that you should do is to check the delivery status online. 

If the online status shows issues with the delivery of the item, please report to us.
We then will review the information and double check with the shipping company.

If we determine that the item wasn't successfully delivered, we refund the full cost of the item and original shipping.

Generally, the customer is responsible for accepting the item when it arrives. If the customer refuses delivery, their claim is not eligible for the Money Back Guarantee.


 When an item doesn't match the listing description

In the rare case of receiving an item that doesn’t correspond with the listing description please contact us immediately with any relevant information about the item.

We then review the item description, photos of the item and any other information about the item.

If we can't determine that the item matches the listing description, we may offer a solution, such as a return, replacement or refund.