Vintage Silk Haori Jacket | Perfect Deep Black Autumn

Vintage Silk Haori Jacket | Perfect Deep Black Autumn

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The haori boasts a profound black hue, adorned with a motif that, while reminiscent of the crown of a Japanese maple leaves, may also evoke images of orange flowers to those with a vivid imagination.

Whether worn for special occasions or as part of daily outfits, this vintage haori will be a splendid addition to your collection.

Arm Lenght / Yukitake: 62cm
Sleeve Length: 32
Sleeve Drop / Sodetake: 55cm
Length / Mitake: 84cm

NOTE: What is that white thread on sleeves?

Basting is a temporary stitching technique often used on kimono sleeves. Basting stitches, which are typically made with contrasting white thread, serve as a temporary guide for the final sewing and construction of the garment. They help in maintaining the shape and structure of the sleeve during the sewing process.

Once the kimono or haori is completed, these basting stitches are typically removed. They are not meant to be a permanent part of the garment's design. The purpose of using contrasting white thread for basting is to make it easier to identify and remove the temporary stitches after the construction is finished.

It's important to note that the presence of basting stitches and their removal is a common practice in the creation of traditional Japanese garments. They are not intended to be a decorative element and do not hold any specific symbolic meaning. Their primary purpose is to facilitate the construction process and ensure precise stitching before finalizing the garment. 

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