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Welcome to Omiyage From JAPAN!

If you are studying Japanese, you probably already know the meaning of the word omiyage (Japanese  土産), usually translated as a ”souvenir bought as a gift while traveling“. In Japan it is customary to get a little something to bring back home to friends and family when you travel anywhere — be it for business or pleasure.

The tradition of bringing omiyage from travel dates back to ancient times, when the Japanese made long pilgrimages to temples. They always brought with them something to prove that they had actually visited the temple and could share the blessing they had received among their loved ones.

Our office is located in Kobe City, in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Kobe is the most comfortable place to live in Japan if you don't mind hot, humid summer. Plenty to do, plenty to see here.

 Our shop is run by a 3-person team:

Tamara Inaoka - I am the owner and founder of the OmiyageFromJAPAN online store. Some may associate me with social media accounts as Moody Onigiri🍙. I have been living permanently in Kobe, Hyogo since 2016. Since 2018, I am one of the official Kobe PR Ambassadors elected by the Mayor of Kobe. I am responsible for adding products to the website, accepting and preparing orders for shipment from our shop.

Okāsan - Japanese mom! More specifically, my Japanese husband's mother. My mother-in-law runs a small local store with used objects and antiques in Hyogo Prefecture. Okāsan is a licensed secondhand art & antique dealer - this means that all the vintage / antiques offered in our shop are 100% genuine and come from Japan.

Obāchan Japanese grandmother, more precisely, my husband's grandmother. Grandma and her friends (neighbors) prepare small handicrafts for our shop - handmade products, eg tatami coasters, cotton masks, etc. Items made by obāchan will be clearly marked in the item descriptions.

At the moment, the store offers products shipped directly from Japan. The assortment will gradually expand.

When you shop in our store, we want you to feel like you are really on a virtual trip in Japan, choosing an omiyage for yourself (or for a loved one). You will find various items from our private collections, from an antique shop run by my Japanese okāsan, handmade products made by Japanese grandmothers, but there is more! 
Our store offers you cosmetics and goods for health and beauty from leading Japanese manufacturers. We cooperate only with trusted brands and constantly expand the range of products in order to provide you with the most complete choice at an affordable price. 

We are working only with leading Japanese manufacturers and we do it directly, without using the services of third parties. This means after receiving your order we immediately contact the manufacturer and within a 24-48h we receive fresh products for your order. That is why you can be sure that the goods you purchased will not be old and dusted after being a long time in the warehouse. We never send expired or low-quality products! 

The store also offers a package forwarding from JapanShopping using our package forwarding Japan service allows you to shop with all of your favorite Japanese brands and have them shipped to you anywhere in the world.Popular retailers in Japan include Amiibo, Bearbrick Figures, Sony, Rakuten, Nintendo, Mercari, and amazon.co.jp. Many people opt for parcel forwarding from these Japanese retailers.
No matter what items you want to ship from Japan, we can safely and securely forward them to you wherever you may be.
Package forwarding from Japan allows us to get your favorite Japanese brands to you quicker than ever before.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have more questions.

Thank you and happy shopping!