Asahi Perfect Asta Collagen Powder Premier Rich

Asahi Perfect Asta Collagen Powder Premier Rich

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Discover the versatility of Perfect Asta Collagen Powder Premier Rich, a Japanese collagen supplement that seamlessly blends with your favorite beverages or foods, preserving their original flavors.

Experience the enhanced formula featuring revitalizing ingredients like lemon balm extract, promoting collagen synthesis, and a trio of B-group vitamins to boost your vitality.

Enriched with 16 beautifying components, including 5,500mg of collagen peptide, 1,500mg of placenta extract, bird's-nest, and shell ginger extract.

With only 28kcal and a mere 0.023g of fat per daily serving, it's a guilt-free addition to your routine.

Effortlessly dissolve and enjoy this delightful elixir to support your beauty regimen day after day.



Enhance your daily routine by incorporating a single scoop (7.5g) of collagen powder into your preferred ingredients, whether it's in the morning or evening.

For those seeking accelerated outcomes, we recommend a twice-daily consumption, once in the morning and once at night, to maximize the desired effects.


  • Net weight: 228g (for 30 days)
  • Main ingredients: Po rk-based collagen peptide, lemon balm extract, placenta extract, shell ginger leaf extract, lactic acid, royal jelly extract, coenzyme Q10, bird's nest, elastin peptide, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine (shrimp & crab based), vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B12
  • Nutrition facts (per 7.5g): Energy 28kcal, protein 5.7g, fat 0.023g, carbohydrate 1.47g, sodium 0.0003~0.3g, vitamin B1 0.6mg, vitamin B6 0.5mg, vitamin B12 12μg, vitamin C 100mg, collagen 5,500mg, lemon balm extract 100mg, hyaluronic acid 30mg, placenta 1,500mg
  • Potential allergens: Shrimp, crab, gelatin
  • Notes: This product does not contain a scoop. The powder's color and smell are derived from ingredients but there is no problem with the quality.
  • Made in Japan

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