Exceptional Vintage Clay Dorei Bell: A Unique Daruma from Kobe

Exceptional Vintage Clay Dorei Bell: A Unique Daruma from Kobe

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Exceptional, clay Dorei Bell presents not only a beautiful memento but also carries profound cultural significance. This bell is distinctive due to its original, round, slightly flattened shape, and the detailed information immortalized on it. The bell's bottom is inscribed with the date, marked as Heisei 6 year, which corresponds to the year 1994, and the city name - Kobe (神戸), suggesting that this item was likely purchased there.

The Significance of Daruma

Depicted on the bell, Daruma is one of the most recognizable symbols in Japan, often associated with luck and perseverance. Daruma dolls are traditionally used as talismans for good fortune, especially in achieving goals and dreams. The eyes of Daruma are often painted without pupils - one pupil is added when a goal is set, and the other when the goal is achieved, symbolizing determination and steadfastness in fulfilling desires.

Height: 8cm

Dorei Bells, crafted from clay and often adorned with various motifs, are popular in Japan as talismans and souvenirs. They are commonly found in temples or at festivals, where they are sold as items that bring luck or protection. These bells are not only decorative elements but also carry wishes for good fortune, health, and prosperity. Their gentle sound is also valued for bringing peace and harmony to the surroundings.

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