Charming Vintage Kokeshi | Navy Blue Kimono 22cm

Charming Vintage Kokeshi | Navy Blue Kimono 22cm

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A charming vintage Kokeshi doll gracefully stands, embodying the rich and vibrant culture of Japan with its meticulous details and traditional attire. Adorned in a traditional navy-blue kimono, accented with a golden obi belt, the doll exudes a timeless elegance that is deeply rooted in Japanese tradition. The hair, neatly tied up and embellished with an orange traditional hairpin, adds a subtle yet captivating detail to the overall aesthetic.

Height: 22cm

Hida Takayama: A Cultural Gem

The wooden base of the Kokeshi features a placard inscribed with the Kanji characters 飛驊高山, translating to Hida Takayama. Hida Takayama, often just referred to as Takayama, is a city nestled in the mountainous Hida region of Gifu Prefecture. Known for its well-preserved Edo-period (1603-1868) streets, it provides a wonderfully immersive experience into Japan's rich history and traditional architecture. The city is also renowned for its biannual Takayama Festival, which is considered one of the most beautiful festivals in Japan, attracting visitors from all around the world to witness its splendid displays of tradition, crafts, and culture.

This Kokeshi, with its traditional attire and connection to Hida Takayama, serves not only as a delightful piece of art but also as a tangible connection to the rich tapestry of Japanese culture and tradition. It stands as a reminder of the beauty and elegance inherent in Japan's storied history and crafts.

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