(RARE) Vintage Creative Kokeshi by the Renowned Shozan Shido (1932-1995)

(RARE) Vintage Creative Kokeshi by the Renowned Shozan Shido (1932-1995)

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Meet Shozan Shido, a luminary in the world of Sosaku Kokeshi doll crafting, celebrated for his minimalist and elegant designs. Shido-san, whose work primarily depicted Northern girls in traditional “Mino” or Snow Coats, was renowned for his subtle use of color and simple shapes, earning him a place as one of the most collectible artists from the 1960s creative period. His accolades include the esteemed Prime Minister’s Award, reflecting his significant impact on the Kokeshi crafting community.

Shido-san was a master of wood, often blending different types to achieve desired effects and dimensions in his pieces. His creations, notably tall and slender, mirrored the lofty, thin trees found across Japan. He utilized a repetitive textural pattern, known as ‘Harmonic Chatter work,’ to enhance the wood's natural qualities in many of his works. His particular fondness for the textural qualities of ‘Chattering’ on the rain/snow coat (Minomushi) is evident, often executed with minimal painted ornamentation and a focus on the wood's natural essence.

Height: 30cm
Weight: 355g

This exclusive Vintage Kokeshi, crafted by the illustrious Shozan Shido, stands as a testament to minimalist artistry and a profound appreciation for natural wood. The doll, adorned in a mino, a protective garment worn by farmers and rural individuals in mountainous regions against rain and snow, embodies traditional Japanese attire and the simplicity and elegance that Shido-san’s work is celebrated for.

With its minimalist design and Shido-san's signature style, this pair not only stands as a captivating addition to any collection or space but also represents a true gem for collectors, highlighting both the spirit and tradition of Japanese Kokeshi artistry, especially valuable considering the artist is no longer with us.

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