Large Handpainted Kokeshi Doll | 35cm

Large Handpainted Kokeshi Doll | 35cm

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A sizable vintage Kokeshi doll, masterfully crafted, invites admiration with its unique and nature-inspired design. The torso, carved from a piece of wood, retains a visible knot, preserving and highlighting the natural beauty and authenticity of the material. This thoughtful preservation of the wood's original form adds a rustic charm and a genuine connection to nature, which is further emphasized through the painted landscape.

The meticulously painted scenery on the doll offers a serene and picturesque view, where the distant silhouette of a pagoda roof gently emerges above the treetops. This tranquil landscape, perhaps a nod to traditional Japanese gardens and architecture, provides a peaceful and contemplative visual experience. The trees, possibly cherry blossoms or maples, add a timeless and culturally rich element to the piece, connecting it to the natural world and traditional Japanese artistry.

Height: Approximately 35cm
Weight: Approximately 1kg

This Kokeshi doll, with its natural imperfections and serene landscape, stands as a remarkable piece where art and nature converge. It serves not only as a decorative item but also as a reflection of the beauty found in the natural world and traditional Japanese landscapes, making it a meaningful and captivating addition to any collection or space.

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