(Rare) Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi Doll by Kazuo Takamizawa (1927-) | 18cm

(Rare) Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi Doll by Kazuo Takamizawa (1927-) | 18cm

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Takamizawa-san, a revered Kokeshi artist, is celebrated as a Kokeshi-kojin, a master craftsman who meticulously creates each doll from inception to completion. His creations, spirit-infused and lathe-turned, captivate collectors and enthusiasts, drawing them into a world where aesthetic beauty and simplicity coalesce into forms of expressive artistry. His work, often reflecting his profound appreciation for natural wood and thematic elements, such as the Winter Camellia, has become synonymous with delicate craftsmanship and symbolic representation in the Kokeshi world.

Height: 18cm

Weight: 457g

This particular Kokeshi doll, beautifully crafted from Enju wood, retains its wonderful character and patterning, all preserved as a natural decorative element. The hairstyle, a classic black hair treatment, features a Mage as a separate piece, complementing the long bangs and 'Bob' treatment that frames the red-nosed face. Every detail of the figure is executed with a woodburning technique, a free-hand art form that employs burn marks to enhance both the visual and textural quality of the surface. Notably, these earlier Kokeshi creations by Takamizawa-san do not bear a red stamp on the bottom, as he only began affixing his personal stamp to the dolls when he started selling them at ryokans/spas.

This piece, with its intricate details and the artist's signature style, stands as a captivating addition to any collection or space, embodying both the spirit and tradition of Japanese Kokeshi artistry.

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(Rare) Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi Doll by Kazuo Takamizawa (1927-) | 18cm
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