Vintage Kijiyama Kokeshi Doll by Ogura Kyutaro 小椋久太郎

Vintage Kijiyama Kokeshi Doll by Ogura Kyutaro 小椋久太郎

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Ogura Kyutaro 小椋久太郎, a respected figure in the realm of kokeshi doll creation, is known for his works that reflect the Kijiyama style, which have been admired for their intricate designs and delicate craftsmanship. Although specific details about his life and career might not be widely documented, his creations speak volumes about his skill and the deep appreciation he had for traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

This particular kokeshi doll, standing at approximately 18cm, is a vintage piece that beautifully showcases Kyutaro’s expertise and attention to detail. The doll is adorned with a kimono, meticulously engraved with chrysanthemum motifs, and presents a rich chestnut hue, which adds a warm and inviting aesthetic. The Kijiyama style, which the artist is known for, often features dolls with straight bodies and distinct, crafted facial features, and this piece is no exception.

Date: 1979

It's essential to note that kokeshi dolls are not merely collectible items but also serve as splendid decorative pieces, providing a touch of Japanese aesthetic and cultural essence to any space. Furthermore, they make for thoughtful gifts, especially for individuals who harbor a keen interest in Japanese culture and artistry.

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Vintage Kijiyama Kokeshi Doll by Ogura Kyutaro 小椋久太郎
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