Vintage Kokeshi Doll by Yuji Kawase

Vintage Kokeshi Doll by Yuji Kawase

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Yuji Kawase, born in 1938 in Gunma Prefecture, is a distinguished artist in the realm of Kokeshi doll crafting, particularly within the creative or "Sosaku" Kokeshi community. His works, often characterized by their vibrant colors and adorable designs, have found a cherished place among collectors and enthusiasts of Kokeshi dolls. Kawase's creations are not merely decorative artifacts but also a delightful exploration of creativity and tradition within the Japanese Kokeshi doll crafting artistry.

This particular Kokeshi doll by Yuji Kawase, with its colorful body adorned with numerous vibrant maple leaves, is a splendid representation of his artistic flair and mastery in Kokeshi crafting. The colorful maple leaves, a symbol of the beauty of autumn in Japan, are meticulously painted, showcasing a lively and enchanting visual appeal. It's a piece that not only reflects the beauty of Japanese autumn but also the skill and creativity of the artist.

Height: 16cm
Weight: 325g

The doll, while serving as a beautiful decorative piece, also acts as a tangible connection to the rich history and artistry of Japanese culture, embodying the beauty and serenity found in nature, particularly after the vibrant summer season. It stands as a timeless piece, intertwining cultural symbolism with modern creative charm, making it a captivating addition to any collection or space.

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