Vintage Kokeshi Doll | Farmer and Bamboo

Vintage Kokeshi Doll | Farmer and Bamboo

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A vintage Kokeshi doll, perched on a dedicated base, presents a heartwarming and jovial scene from traditional Japanese life, encapsulating the spirit of agrarian practices and the whimsy of nature.

The Kokeshi, meticulously crafted to represent a farmer, pays homage to Japan's rich agricultural history and the esteemed farming community. Farmers in Japanese culture symbolize hard work, perseverance, and a profound connection to the land, embodying virtues that are deeply respected.

Height: Approximately 15cm

Adjacent to the farmer is a stalk of bamboo, adorned with a cheerful, smiling face, infusing the scene with a playful and uplifting energy. Bamboo holds significant symbolism in Japanese culture, often associated with prosperity, good fortune, and resilience due to its robust and rapid growth. The smiling bamboo not only elevates the joyful aesthetic but also symbolizes a wish for happiness and prosperity to all who encounter it.

This Kokeshi, with its depiction of a farmer and friendly bamboo, creates a delightful microcosm where tradition and playfulness intertwine. It stands as a charming piece, weaving cultural symbolism with a light-hearted and positive visual narrative, making it a splendid addition to any collection or space.

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