Vintage Naruko-kei Kokeshi Doll by Suzuko Satou with Red Maple Leaves Design

Vintage Naruko-kei Kokeshi Doll by Suzuko Satou with Red Maple Leaves Design

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Suzuko Satou (佐藤 すづ子), born in 1943, is a recognized Kokeshi doll artist, whose works have garnered appreciation among collectors and enthusiasts. While detailed information about her might not be widely available online, her creations, particularly in the "Naruko-kei" style, showcase a distinct style and craftsmanship that is appreciated by collectors and enthusiasts.

The Kokeshi doll crafted by Suzuko Satou presents a serene and traditional aesthetic, with its body adorned with hand-painted red maple leaves. The red maple leaf, often associated with autumn in Japan, symbolizes peace and beauty and is a common motif in Japanese art and culture.

Height: Approximately 20cm

"Naruko-kei" Kokeshi dolls, originating from the hot spring town of Naruko Onsen in Miyagi Prefecture, are known for their distinctive characteristics. One of the most notable features of Naruko Kokeshi dolls is the "squeaky" sound they make when their heads are turned, which is achieved through a special crafting technique. This sound is not only charming but also serves as a unique identifier of the Naruko style. The dolls typically have a cylindrical body with vibrant, hand-painted floral designs and a large head, often adorned with a chrysanthemum motif, symbolizing the emperor and the nation of Japan.

This particular Kokeshi doll, with its delicate hand-painted maple leaves and traditional Naruko style, stands as a splendid piece, intertwining cultural symbolism with vintage charm, making it a meaningful and captivating addition to any collection or space.

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