Marukyo Aji no Meisaku - Manju Steamed Cake

Marukyo Aji no Meisaku - Manju Steamed Cake

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Introducing Marukyo Aji no Meisaku Assorted Manju, a delightful assortment of traditional Japanese steamed and baked cakes filled with sweet bean paste.

Experience the rich flavors of 5 popular varieties: Momoyama, Kuriman, Nyuka, Soba Manju, and Matcha Manju.

Each piece is individually wrapped for freshness and convenience.

Made by Marukyo, a renowned Japanese confectionery company, these Manju cakes offer an authentic taste of Japan. Whether you're a Manju beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, this assortment is perfect for enjoying a variety of flavors in one package.

Indulge in the refined sweetness of Momoyama, savor the chestnut-infused Kuriman, delight in the delicate sweetness of Nyuka, experience the faint aroma of Soba Manju, and enjoy the pleasant fragrance of Matcha Manju.

Made with high-quality ingredients including sweet bean paste, chestnut, buckwheat flour, and Matcha green tea powder, these Manju cakes are crafted with care to ensure a delicious and authentic treat.

Experience the beloved flavors of traditional Japanese sweets with Marukyo Aji no Meisaku Assorted Manju.

Marukyo Aji no Meisaku is an assortment of "18 pieces of taste masterpieces" containing 5 types of manjuu: 

Kuriman  x2(chestnut shape): Crushed chestnut with white Anko filling 
Momoyama x2 (Peach Leaf): White Anko with red bean filling.
Nyuuka x4 (Blossom Shape): Milk and White Anko filling.
Matcha Manju  x5(Ball shape): Fine green tea and white Anko.
Soba Manju  x5 (Ball shape): White Anko with soba buckwheat flour. Net : 250g


Important Notice: When purchasing this product, we kindly request that you avoid selecting the 'surface shipping method.' It is essential to note that wagashi products, including this assortment, typically have a shorter expiration date of 2-3 months. To ensure the freshness and quality of your purchase, we recommend opting for expedited shipping methods. This will allow you to fully enjoy the authentic flavors of these delicious wagashi treats within the recommended timeframe. Thank you for your understanding and we hope you relish every delightful bite of Marukyo Aji no Meisaku Assorted Manju.

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