Huge Vintage Dorei Bell Snake | Lucky Charm 540g

Huge Vintage Dorei Bell Snake | Lucky Charm 540g

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Snake Dorei Ceramic Vintage Bell Lucky Charm

Embodying the rich tapestry of Japanese culture and tradition, this Snake Dorei Ceramic Bell serves not only as a delightful decorative piece but also as a symbol of protection, transformation, and prosperity. In Japanese culture, the snake, or "hebi," is revered for its ability to shed its skin, symbolizing regeneration and life cycles. It is also a symbol of protection against illnesses and disasters and is often associated with good luck, particularly in terms of prosperity and wealth. With the next Year of the Snake, "Hebi-doshi," approaching in 2025, this piece may be seen as particularly auspicious and timely, embodying characteristics such as intelligence, charm, and wisdom from the Japanese zodiac.

Clay bells, originating as children's toys, have evolved since the Meiji period into cherished souvenirs for travelers, families, and groups of ladies traversing the scenic locales of Japan. Found in local souvenir shops, temples, and shrines throughout the nation, these bells, with their varied types and designs, reflect the diverse areas, makers, and aesthetic tastes permeating through the different epochs of Japanese history. While many clay bells hail from the Kyoto area, splendid examples can also be found from various provinces across Japan.

Height and Weight: 14cm, 540g (heavy item)

This particular bell, with its intricate design and symbolic resonance, not only serves as a beautiful keepsake from the various provinces of Japan but also as a tangible connection to the rich history and symbolic artistry of Japanese culture. It stands as a timeless piece, intertwining cultural symbolism with vintage charm, making it a captivating addition to any collection or space.

Please examine the pictures carefully to assess the condition of the item, and feel free to inquire if you have any questions or need further details.

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