A stunning gathering of traditional kokeshi dolls, capturing the beauty of their handcrafted wooden forms and traditional motifs.

Timeless Charm:

Discover Vintage Kokeshi Dolls

Yesterday's Treasures

Vintage Kimonos and Haoris for Today

A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Taste

Awaken Your Senses with Authentic Japanese Green Tea and Coffee

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Kose Clear Turn Bihada Syokunin Hatomugi Brightening Mask 7 Sheets
Yuze Sakurajima Volcanic Ash Face Cleansing Foam 130g
Rosette Edo Kosume Rice Bran Pack
Utena Shirohada White Pack Wash Type
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Dariya Momori Peach Moist & Cohesive Hair Cream
Maizakura Cherry Blossom Red Matcha Bowl - Mino-yaki (Made in Japan).
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Maizakura Cherry Blossom Black Matcha Bowl - Mino-yaki (Made in Japan).
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Relaxing Warm Steam Eye Mask - Kinmokusei Osmanthus
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Starbucks Halloween Japan 2023 | Bearista Drink Cap And Reusable Cup
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Vintage Kimono | Elegant Deep Black with Flower Patterns
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