Vintage Okame Dorei Bell

Vintage Okame Dorei Bell

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Charming and culturally significant, the vintage bell shaped as Okame's head brings with it a wealth of Japanese tradition and symbolism.

Okame, a beloved figure in Japanese mythology, is often recognized by her iconic blushing pink cheeks and a joyful, slightly mischievous expression. Known as the goddess of mirth, items featuring her likeness are popular talismans, believed to invite positivity, happiness, and prosperity into one's life and dwelling.

- Height: Approximately 6cm
- Weight: 85g

The bell, adorned with sleekly combed black hair and a neat white string, not only serves as a visually appealing artifact but also as a symbol deeply embedded in Japanese folklore. The date inscribed at the bottom, Heisei 5.2.18, adds a layer of historical charm to the piece. The Heisei era began on January 8, 1989, under Emperor Akihito, making the 5th year of Heisei correspond to 1993. Therefore, the date translates to February 18, 1993, connecting the bell to a specific and fascinating moment in time.

In every gentle tinkle of the bell, Okame's cheerful visage seems to whisper wishes of joy and prosperity, making it not only a delightful decoration but also a beacon of positivity and a tangible piece of history from the Heisei era.

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