Charming Pair of Vintage Kokeshi | Wooden Hats

Charming Pair of Vintage Kokeshi | Wooden Hats

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A charming vintage pair of Kokeshi dolls brings a gentle nod to the pastoral life of traditional Japan, encapsulating a rustic and heartwarming aesthetic. Adorned with wooden hats, meticulously crafted to resemble the straw hats of farmers, these petite figures stand as a delightful homage to the agrarian roots of the nation.

Height: 8cm and 8.5cm respectively.

The Kokeshi, with their modest statures and simplistic, yet expressive facial features, exude a warmth and familiarity that is both comforting and endearing. The hats, with their detailed, textured design, provide a quaint and authentic touch, transporting one to serene rice fields and tranquil rural landscapes.

These Kokeshi dolls, embodying the spirit of the countryside and the humble, hardworking individuals who have tended to Japan’s landscapes for generations, offer not only a beautiful decorative element but also a gentle reminder of the nation’s rich history and cultural heritage. A delightful pair, they stand together, timeless, offering a window into the pastoral scenes of bygone eras.

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