Pair of Vintage Kokeshi | Okame & Oni

Pair of Vintage Kokeshi | Okame & Oni

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A charming pair of vintage Kokeshi dolls, each meticulously hand-painted, brings to life the classic Japanese motifs of Okame and Oni, intertwining traditional symbolism with delightful craftsmanship.

Okame, often depicted with rosy cheeks and a cheerful smile, is a symbol of good fortune and happiness in Japanese culture. Contrarily, Oni, typically illustrated as a demon or ogre, is traditionally seen as a harbinger of misfortune but also plays a role in driving away evil spirits during certain festivals.

Height: approximately 10cm.

Whether for collectors of Japanese artifacts or those seeking a unique, cultural addition to their decor, this Okame and Oni Kokeshi pair is a delightful find, offering both aesthetic appeal and a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Japanese tradition and art.

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Pair of Vintage Kokeshi | Okame & Oni
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