AGF Blendy Drip Coffee Special Blend 18 Bags

AGF Blendy Drip Coffee Special Blend 18 Bags

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AGF Blendy Drip Coffee Special Blend offers convenience and exceptional taste.

Each package contains 18 individual ready-to-brew packets, allowing you to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee anytime, anywhere. With AGF's T2ACMI roasting technology, the coffee is carefully roasted to create a rich aroma and a clear, satisfying taste that lingers till the last drop.

Experience the fragrant, mellow, and well-balanced flavors of Blendy Drip. Indulge in a relaxing moment as you unravel your senses with every sip. This special blend offers a delightful combination of fragrant aroma, mellow richness, low acidity, and perfect balance.

Crafted from premium coffee beans sourced from Colombia and Vietnam, this blend delivers a rich and satisfying coffee experience. Its richness, mild acidity, and balanced bitterness make it a delightful choice. Plus, it pairs wonderfully with milk for a creamy indulgence.

Brewing your favorite coffee is easy with Blendy Drip. Simply tear open the individual package, remove the filter packet, and unfold the holder handles over your cup. Pour hot water over the coffee grounds gradually, filling the cup near the rim. As the filter packet is removed, the coffee level in the cup will adjust accordingly.

Enjoy the convenience and exquisite flavors of AGF Blendy Drip Coffee Special Blend. Elevate your coffee experience with every sip.



  • Contents: 126g (7g × 18 bags)
  • Flavor: Special Blend with beans form Vietnam, Colombia and more. 
  • Made in Japan

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