Itoen Ume Konbucha Kelp Tea 55g - plum

Itoen Ume Konbucha Kelp Tea 55g - plum

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Ume kombucha, Japanese seaweed tea powder with plum, makes excellent tea and seasoning for cooking a variety of dishes. Many people are surprised to know that seaweed can be the basic flavor of a simple tea infusion called konbucha (kombucha). It can be literally translated to “konbu kelp tea”, as that translation implies, a tea made from the kombu seaweed. The kombu is dried, then it is often cut into small pieces or crushed into a powder. In it’s most basic form, hot water is poured on the prepared kombu, a sprinkle of salt is added to the concoction and it is drank as a tea. The white powder on the seaweed is what is released in the water and gives the tea its umami (some kind of deep flavor often found in Japanese cuisine).


Take two tea spoon full of Kelp Tea and mix into 100cc of hot water.  Stir well so it dissolves.

You can use it as a seasoning in order to add Umami taste to your favorite Japanese food dishes.

Example: You can sprinkle on top of sashimi, make soup base by mixing with hot water, some soy sauce, and mirin. Or you can simply mix with white rice and make rice bowl or eat as it is.


  • Contents: 55g
  • Made in: Japan

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Itoen Ume Konbucha Kelp Tea 55G - Plum (Kombucha)
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Itoen Ume Konbucha Kelp Tea 55g - plum
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