Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip Beauty Foam Collagen In 120g

Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip Beauty Foam Collagen In 120g

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Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip Collagen In represents a Japanese facial cleanser featuring a lightweight formula that transforms into a luxurious, fine, and velvety foam. This foam effortlessly delves deep into your pores, effectively purging impurities and excess sebum, all the while leaving your skin feeling refreshed, velvety-smooth, and well-hydrated.

Among the advantages of using Perfect Whip Collagen is its ability to cleanse pores, eliminating dirt, oil, and sebum without causing dryness, ensuring your skin remains nourished, resilient, and supple.

This face wash is enriched with silk essence, which serves as a protective shield for your skin, retaining precious moisture. Additionally, the collagen content can contribute to enhancing skin elasticity and maintaining optimal hydration levels.

A gentle and hydrating foam cleanser enriched with moisture-retaining elements such as collagen, naturally derived silk essence, and double hyaluronic acid (W hyaluronic). This formula also incorporates extracts, including silk essence, sourced from natural cocoons, imparting a delicate and mild aroma.

Usage Instructions:
1. Wet your hands and dispense approximately 2 cm of the facial cleansing paste.
2. Generate a rich foam by lathering it with water or warm water.
3. After cleansing, thoroughly rinse with water.

Product Details:
- Net Contents: 120g
- Please note that the package design may undergo changes without prior notice.
- Made in Japan

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