YUWA The Power of Strong Burdock Tea

Yuwa The Power Of Strong Burdock Tea

YUWA The Power of Strong Burdock Tea

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YUWA The Power of Strong Burdock Tea

Excellent quality - 100% original, decaffeinated Japanese tea with burdock root in bags.

The Power of Strong Burdock Tea is a Japanese tea from burdock root in bags with a subtle sweetness and aroma from the Asian company YUWA. Burdock roots are crushed and baked together with the skin, which enriches the taste, smell and maintains the nutritional value of burdock.

Burdock root is an herbal product, which has many valuable properties. For many years it has been known for its positive influence on hair, skin, urinary and digestive systems. Burdock root accelerates hair growth, reduces hair loss, helps to treat acne and regulates urine excretion and digestion.

Burdock root contains such ingredients as mineral salts (potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc), vitamins (C and E and folic acid), flavonoids, essential oil, proteins and inulin. Nowadays, it is most often used for problems with the digestive and urinary tract. The root of burdock is excellent for the treatment of gastrointestinal inflammation, bile secretion disorders and inflammation of the urinary tract. Thanks to its high lignan content it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also has antibacterial and fungicidal properties. Thus, it can be successfully used for all skin problems, including acne, dandruff and boils.

From one comfortable bag you will prepare two cups, ideal for the modern consumer. Just pour hot water over the bag, cover it up and after 2-3 minutes enjoy a wonderful authentic burdock tea. Quantity per package: 30 bags.

Ingredients: root of burdock.

Energy value for 2.5g (bag): 9.08kcal, Fats: 0.02g (including saturated fatty acids: 0g), Carbohydrates: 1.85g (including sugars: 0.1g), Protein: 0.37g, Salt: 0.01g

Manufacturer: YUWA Co.,LTD., 3-890-1 Cyuo Higashiyamato Tokyo 207-0015 Japan 1-51-2 Inadaira Musashimurayama Tokyo 208-0023, Japan

Net weight: 75g

All our teas, green teas and matcha come exclusively from Japan - feel the difference!

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